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Fee Schedules

Chapter 7 - Starting at $1200

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will require a professional fee of $1200. This does not include the filing fee to file the case with the Court (approximately $335). Upon application the Court may permit you to pay the filing fee in installments if necessary. Rebecca will make this application for you.  This fee also does not include additional motion practice and hearing attendance beyond the filing of the petition, Meeting of the Creditors and any required discharge hearings. As your attorney, Rebecca will do everything in her power to ensure that your assets are dealt with in a way that most bankruptcy proceedings will proceed to discharge without issue, however, if additional issues arise during the course of your bankruptcy which require attorney attendance or filing, you will be billed for the same on an agreed upon hourly rate. Identifiable issues will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation so you know what to expect. 


The initial $1200 professional fee may be made in installments with $600.00 down and bi-weekly installments for the remaining $600.00 to be paid in full by the time of discharge in a Chapter 7. If this is still something you would have trouble affording and would need help, do not hesitate to call to discuss other alternative payment plans. 

Chapter 13 - $900 down

Chapter 13 bankruptcies require a lot more attorney and debtor involvement. In general, you can expect an estimated professional fee of approximately $3,500.00 for a straightforward case that doesn't involve business assets. Rebecca will be able to give you a better estimate of what to expect once she reviews your case. This fee, other than the $900 down payment, will be paid through the confirmed plan. 

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