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Information You Will Need

Filing for bankruptcy can be an invasive process. We will need a lot of information from you to get started, and you will need to put in the legwork to gather this information. Prior to your consultation our office will provide you with a document to fill out that should be filled out before you meet with Rebecca.


Our office will run a credit check to determine which creditors need to be noticed, but before contacting us, we expect you to know the big ones (mortgage-holder, car loans, etc.). We will also require your social security number and the social security number of any co-filers. Social security numbers are also important to aid us in determining if you have filed before and when, because that needs to be disclosed to the bankruptcy court. We will keep this information confidential and secure.


Some main things you will need before our first meeting are: 

  • Paystubs for the month prior to your meeting; 

  • Name and address of your employer (if not on paystub);

  • Copies of statements from any benefits you receive (social security, cash assistance, food stamps, etc.);

  • A list of your major creditors;

  • Copies of any court documents that you may have as a result of a foreclosure or garnishment;

  • A monthly breakdown of your household expenses (electric, water, trash, entertainment, childcare); 

  • A list of any and all income sources in your household (rental income, etc.); 

  • A list of all vehicles you own including VIN numbers, condition, and mileage (this includes ATVs, boats, 4 wheelers, etc.);   

  • A list of all real estate you (and/or our co-debtor) own;

  • A list of your prior bankruptcies, if any;

  • Copies of your most recent mortgage statement if applicable;

  • Copies of your most recent statement for any other loans (vehicle, boat, ATV, camper, personal); 

  • Copies or a list of case numbers for any domestic support obligations (child support/alimony);

  • Copies of your most recent tax returns; 

  • Copies of any leases (if you're the landlord) or land contracts; 

  • Information about the amounts in your bank account(s) (checking and savings) as of that day;

  • Retirement account statements; 

  • Any potential lawsuits against others that you may have;

  • Addresses for any residence you've resided at for the last 3 years;

  • A list of any businesses that you had an interest in in the past four years or have an interest in currently.

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